Males and females competing together

Males and females competing together


Was at the RDS last Friday, for the Aga Khan trophy for showjumping. The USA won with an all-female quartet of riders. Showjumping seems to be the only major sport in which men and women compete together, and on equal terms.

That applies to the horses as well, with mares, stallions and geldings all in the same events. Is there a lesson in that, somewhere?

The day’s final event was for 128cm (4ft) high ponies and young riders. Two of the kids came off and lay on the grass for a time, apparently injured. No one ran to their aid. If it had been my son lying there, I would have vaulted over the fence and sprinted across the grass. Perhaps there is an etiquette in these matters that I know nothing about.

Whose job is it?

One of the Barbershop choruses I sing with meets on the second Saturday of every month. Always at the same hotel. But this last Saturday the car park was like a revolving door, with Barbershoppers arriving and driving out almost straight away.

Someone had forgotten to check that the venue had been booked. And it had been let to another organisation. One quick-thinking member managed to find an alternative venue not far away, with the appropriate catering facilities as well.

As I have just been handed the role of Chorus Manager, it was inevitable that I would be asked if I had made the booking. (Or NOT made, in this case!) Just goes to show you should never assume anything. Always check the basics.


That’s the fear of public speaking. It results in a range of physical symptoms of distress, including dry mouth, nausea, racing heartbeat and an overwhelming desire to be somewhere else.

Having trained large numbers of business people in public speaking since 1994, I have noticed two main causes of this anxiety: (a) expectations and (b) not knowing how.

Expectations are often imagined. The speaker or business presenter may be scared of not being as good as s/he is expected to be. In reality, the audience rarely expects perfection. As for being inhibited by not knowing how, joining a Toastmasters club will usually take care of that. Either way, it’s certainly worth developing the skill of public speaking. Invaluable in business.

Finally …

Robert Cialdini (Influence – the Psychology of Persuasion) said his interest in the subject arose when he considered why he was easily persuaded to buy things. I’m the same.

I think I’m on several lists of online ‘hot prospects’, judging from the many offers I get, following repeated purchases. Even when I complain or return disappointing purchases, I believe my score goes up, because I am willing to engage.

Excuse me now. Must go and buy something.


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