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Phillip Khan-Panni’s engaging presentations inform, entertain, provoke and lift audiences. You can see for yourself by watching the extended talks he has made available—gratis—on his YouTube channel.

Because I Tried will inspire you to focus on the difference you want to make, and to go out and make it. You can see the trailer below, or the watch the full-length video at YouTube.


But you and your colleagues can hear World Public Speaking Silver Medalist, Phillip Khan-Panni in person. Here is a selection of the presentations he can tailor to your requirements:

Phillip Khan-Panni’s speeches include:

How to Make Your Speech/Presentation Worth Hearing

The single greatest reason for the failure of business presentations (and speeches) is the belief that communication is about transmission. In this lively and informative Keynote, you will hear (and see) how to engage with your audience, and understand that it’s about how you are received and understood.

45 mins. Keynote

A sample clip of Phillip speaking.

Boring Doesn’t Sell

Selling requires persuasion, and that implies the ability to get people to buy into whatever you are selling, whether it is a product, a service, or an idea. You would not buy from someone boring, so you must ensure that you, yourself, are not boring.
20 mins or 45 mins; keynote

How To Speak So Others Will Want To Listen

This keynote will inspire you to make a difference every time you stand to speak in public. It will help you make your point in a structured way that gets agreement—and gets you noticed—in meetings, at conferences, in new business presentations.
20 mins or 45 mins; keynote or workshop

The Voice Of Leadership

The most important element in leadership is superb communication skills. You can hear it in the speeches of famous world leaders. It can and must be developed in any leader, or in anyone who aspires to leadership. It’s not only about oratory; it’s about the sound of the voice as well.
20 mins or 45 mins; keynote

Diversity, Inclusion and Cross-cultural Competence

Whether you are doing business in another country, or with a range of demographics in your own territory, you need to understand the value of a diverse workforce, and how that understanding make you more effective in the marketplace. Phillip Khan-Panni will guide you to a strategy on diversity that will improve staff satisfaction, customer service and market share.
20 mins or 45 mins; keynote

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