Let’s meet for copy

Websites, brochures, sales letters, mailings, press ads, speeches of presentations. All on my menu.All written to get results.

Consider speeches. It is often said that the most difficult part of writing a speech is the blank page at the start. Some people can sit in front of that page for an hour or two and still end up with nothing.

Others take the amazing risk of deciding to ‘wing’ or ‘busk’ it. It’s a risk to their reputations and to the regard that others may currently have for them, as well as to their own self esteem, if they should fail.

Think about the brochures and mailings you receive from others. In general, do you admire for their brilliance and irresistible language … or do you file them in the ‘farewell’ bin? Don’t let the same fate await your own jeweled propositions.

You could be a small business or a large one, a PR or Advertising Agency, I’ll write for you.

Let’s meet for copy and you can tell me how you like it done. I think you’ll like the flavour of the copy I can brew. (I also offer courses on speech writing and direct marketing copy.)

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