Making the most of what makes you distinctive

Everyone in business makes presentations. Some are formal, perhaps with visual aids, others informal, perhaps in peer group meetings or in making proposals up and down the food chain. Whenever you express your point of view or make a proposal, you are making a presentation.

The Value you add

In his speech to the Professional Speaking Association, Communicating Your Value As A Speaker , Phillip explains what a huge difference you can make as a good speaker — to your own bottom line as well as to your listeners. You can see the trailer below, or the watch the full-length video at YouTube.

What makes you different?

That’s a question we get asked all the time, and it’s interesting, because that’s the very question we help our clients to answer about themselves, when they ask us to improve their presentation skills.

So what makes us different? We develop your strengths, refine and polish your material, and add to your existing skills. Like a microwave oven, the change starts from within you. Our training focuses on effective communication skills — getting your point across when it really matters.

Presentation Dos and Don’ts

You will learn how to:

  • structure a speech or presentation so that it’s easy to follow
  • tell the right story
  • tell it well

What will that do for you?

  • overcome the fear of public speaking
  • raise your profile
  • give you the edge over your competitors
  • get more business

Who needs it?

If you are a leader, you depend on good communication skills. If you are a business leader you must have the skill of persuasion. If you are ambitious you need excellent verbal skills to stand out from your rivals — to gain new business, to out-perform your competitors, to inspire and motivate your team.

What others say

“Never speak in public without first speaking to Phillip”

“Phillip is a five star presenter who will help you deliver your message”

“This was an excellent course given by an exceptionally knowledgeable tutor”

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