Phillip’s speeches and presentations are designed to inspire business leaders and their companies to understand how the spoken word can help them achieve even better performance, raise their profiles and enhance their leadership.

His main speeches include:

  • 5 Questions for Better Business
  • What’s your Game Plan?
  • How to speak so others want to listen
  • The Voice of Leadership
  • How to reach and keep your audience
  • Using well-known stories in a speech or presentation

The size of the audience may determine the approach to the content, but has been between 20 and 2,000.


There is a range of training programmes to choose from, all designed to impart real skills that can be implemented right away. The content of any course can be readily adapted to your own requirements.

Ideally the size of the group should be 6 or 8. Larger groups will have less personal interaction, but short programmes can be delivered to large audiences. Training programmes can be anything from half a day to five days. In some hot countries they have been mornings only, for 4 or 5 days.

1-2-1 Coaching

Senior people often prefer 1-2-1 coaching. It’s more private, takes up less time than group training, and produces quicker results. The programme can be either in person or on Skype, or a combination of the two.

Typically, the sessions are for 1.5 to 2 hours each, focusing on one specific skill. Rehearsing a presentation will usually take longer.


These are usually for the development of some specific skill and will be highly interactive.

The Workshops are about communication skills, both written and spoken, and about the contribution they make to someone’s personal development and success in business. Topics cover public speaking, presentations, sales, speech writing, sales letters and corporate communications.

Corporate Communications

These services can be training or Workshops, as detailed above, on such topics as PR, meeting the media, newsletters, business correspondence, and speeches or talks given by the CEO.

In some cases, a company will want help with something as fundamental as a Mission Statement or branding. It is vital that everything written or spoken by or on behalf of the company, should convey a consistent message.

Get in touch

enquiries: +353 (0)89 611 7427
alternative: 07768 696254 (+44 (0)7768 696254)

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