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What does your business presentation say about you?


It says a lot more than you might think. It says whether your focus is on yourself or on your customers. It says you are likeable or not. It says you are either distinctive or just the same as your competitors. And it carries a tone of voice.

Most business presentations fail — because they convey the wrong hidden message more strongly than the one intended. So how can Phillip help you to get it right? By helping you to:


Trouble is, no one cares what you do; they only care what you can do for them.

You need to know your Added Value. You need to know what you bring to the table, in business, and declare it in your public speaking, business presentations, your websites and your social media profiles.

And that’s where Phillip can help you. His Keynote Speeches, training programmes and 1-2-1 coaching are all about discovering the right story to tell and developing the skills to tell it well in your speeches, presentations, sales pitches, PR, sales letters, and dealings with customers. In fact, in ALL your corporate communications.

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SALES TRAINING: The key factors in successful selling are the right mindset and a persuasive presentation. Phillip can offer you the approach that took sales (in today’s terms) from £9.28m to £29.25m in 10 months.

PUBLIC SPEAKING: Would you like to speak in public without fear, and in a way that others will want to listen? Some comments following a recent speech on How to Use Well-known Stories in a Speech:

“Best speech I have heard showing different applications of the same story! Masterful.” Freddie Daniells

“There simply is no one better to teach the craft of storytelling than Phillip Khan-Panni.” Philip Calvert

SPEAKER COACH: “Phillip Khan-Panni has silver-haired wisdom on the world of presentations – and delivers the speeches with the eloquence of a silver tongue. As one of the founders of the Professional Speaking Association and one of its most enthusiastic supporters Phillip has a profound understanding of how to construct speeches containing stories that work and how to deliver them with style. He has a cracker of a record in passing on this skill to others.” Michael Dodd

BUSINESS PRESENTATIONS: Something like 80% of business presentations fail. They tell the wrong story and they tell it badly. Don’t be in that group. When you really need to get your point across in business, send for Phillip Khan-Panni.

Looking for a lively, informative speaker to add communication insights to your event? Call +353 (0)89 611 7427 or 07768 696254 (+44 7768 696254). Or Skype him at PhillipKP.

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