Do you present?

Of course you present. If you are someone who tells customers and prospective customers about your products and services, you present. If you inform and motivate your staff, you present. If you speak to audiences in a business context, you present. And if you are among the 20% of business presenters whose presentations succeed, congratulations! You obviously know how to get your point across.

If, on the other hand, you feel your results could be better, if you sense that something isn’t quite right, if you are among the 80% who fail, get in touch. Let me help you tell the right story, and to do it convincingly.

Here is a free introductory video explaining the essence of my approach to communication and how it can help you. There are five more that you can view for free by clicking through to a simple form.

If you’d like to hear more public speaking advice that you can use right now about:

  • A Common Fallacy About Speaking
  • Why Facts Don’t Persuade And What Does
  • The Four Steps In The Process Of Persuasion
  • How To Make The Perfect Elevator Speech
  • How To Find The Balance In Your Voice

…then simply click here.

How important is it, do you think, to get your point across effectively? How important are communication skills to your business? Do your communication skills help or hinder you? Ask yourself if your staff are on message, and whether you manage to connect effectively with them.

A client had a phrase that beautifully provides the answer. He said, about his own business, “What we sell is the way we sell it.” Quite brilliant.

Think about it. If you do your selling in a mediocre way, if you tell your public about your business in a boring or complicated way, if your communication is all one-way traffic – that’s what you are asking people to buy. Mediocre. Boring. Complicated. Self-centred.

Good communication skills are ESSENTIAL in business, and in leadership.

That’s where I can help you. And who am I to make such a claim? Author of seven books on communication skills, UK’s only World Silver Medalist in Public Speaking, and Co-founder and Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association. For more, see the About page.

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